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My First Plant
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With MyFirstPlant – MFP you become a virtual cannabis grower.
By purchasing one or more pitches you receive a passive income, which is generated by the team and you profit from it.

MyFirstPlant plants and harvests for you.

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Why hemp?

Hemp is an ancient, sustainable and extremely climate-friendly crop that is currently experiencing an unimagined boom: CBD products are on everyone’s lips worldwide.

Producers are processing the harvest into high-quality medical cannabis products that can help pain patients, for example. MyFirstPlant strictly adheres to the limits set by the government and regularly tests the CBD content – you can rely on that.

900 Brutto
  • each 120 days
  • ~80-100 grams per harvest
  • Sell price per gram: 1€
Indoor 2
500 Brutto
  • each 120 days
  • ~40-50 grams per harvest
  • Sell price per gram: 1€
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MyFirstPlant FAQ

Meist gestellte Fragen und Antworten

The registered office of MFP My First Plant GmbH is in Austria. The exact address is: Ebenthaler Straße 140 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

The managing director of MFP My First Plant GmbH is Mario Abraham.

The company’s distribution model is an MLM model with a 9-tier unilevel compensation plan. In addition, there is a World Pool and a Diligence Pool.

The plant becomes the property of the customer upon full payment and after a withdrawal period of 14 days. Thus, the possession of the plant is not limited in time.

Withdrawals from the back office are free of charge. However, fees for transfers abroad are to be borne by the customer.

Before the first payout, it is mandatory by law to perform the KYC procedure to establish the identity of the customer. After that, the payout can be requested in the back office.

Yes, however, transfer fees to foreign countries are to be paid by the customer.

No, there is no automatic reinvest option, but you can always buy a new plant with your own credit in the back office.

My First Plant GmbH offers customers the opportunity to speak with the head grower and ask questions at predetermined times.

LED bar-grow systems are used for optimal lighting.

CBD plants are sold, which are grown, harvested and re-seeded by MFP My First Plant GmbH. MFP My First Plant GmbH sells the harvest yields on behalf of the customer. The proceeds from the sale of the flower mass are then distributed to the customer.

There are no follow-up costs for the plant itself. The hosting of the plant is limited to 5 years. After the expiration of the 5 years, the customer is offered the possibility to continue the hosting of the plant by MFP My First Plant GmbH for a small fee, or to pick up his own plant.

The price of the plant includes the hosting of the plant for 5 years. Within these 5 years there are no further costs for the customer.

No. Withdrawals from the back office are free of charge.

The payouts are made every Monday. Up to and including Sunday it is possible to request the payout so that the booking is still made on the following Monday.

Deposits can be made via: Bank transfer, Bitcoin Direct Checkout, Credit card, SOFORT bank transfer: Directly to the account holder’s bank account at My First Plant.

Yes, by prior appointment.

MFP My Frist Plant GmbH applies a recycling system on three floors with separated areas.

MFP My First Plant GmbH uses only fertilizers of the highest quality. The exact composition of the fertilizer is a trade secret in order to be able to guarantee the exclusivity of the high-quality crop yields.

MFP My First Plant GmbH strives to work as sustainably as possible. However, at the moment it is not yet easy to focus purely on green electricity with the required purchase quantities. In the future, however, MFP My First Plant GmbH will increasingly focus on renewable energies.

My First Plant GmbH owns more plants than those offered for sale. Thus, by selling the harvest of the company’s own plants, the company is able to cover all running costs as well as replanting.

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